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  • KORENTO-Perfecting Mineral Base-Cool 03 - Misomada- Belgium
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KORENTO-Perfecting Mineral Base-Cool 04

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€35,01 EUR
Normale prijs
€35,01 EUR

Light and breathable makeup base with mineral powder.

Mineralized basic makeup for every day. A fine all-natural formula with light-reflecting mineral pigments creates a natural shine for your skin. The minerals blend into your skin while you eliminate your skin color, redness and imperfections. You get a velvety skin. Prefecting Mineral Base gives you natural coverage. Feels like a second skin!

With this powder base a light to more complete coverage can be created by applying multiple layers. Does not clog the pores. Suitable for all skin types.

Cool 01 For very light and cool skin tones

Cool 02 For light and cool skin tones

Cool 03 For medium light and cool skin tones

Cool 04 For medium and cool skin tones

Cool 05 For medium and tanned skin tones

Warm 01 For very light and warm skin tones

Warm 02 For light and warm skin tones

Warm 03 For medium light and warm skin tones

Warm 04 For medium and warm skin tones

Warm 05 For medium and tanned skin tones

Before applying makeup to your skin, you must apply a good moisturizing product if your skin is prone to dehydration. Allow the moisturizer, oil or serum to be absorbed before applying the make-up. Spread some mineral powder on the cover of the powder tube and swirl the product on a dense kabuki brush. Apply in circular movements with a kabuki brush. The smallest amount is sufficient to achieve that natural, even complexion.

Weight 10 grams
100% Natural
100% Vegan and Animal Test Free
100% Free from preservatives
100% Zero waste and Recyclable
100% Honest and Handmade
Lasts a long time, until 150 washes

Mica **, Soya-based emulsifier **, CI 77947 Zinc Oxide: pigment **, CI 77891, CI 77492, CI 77491, CI 77499 Iron Oxides: Pigment **

INCI: MICA **, HYDROGENATED LECITHIN **, CI 77947 **, CI 77891 **, CI 77492 **, CI 77491 **, CI 77499 **

* Wildly grown or certified, organic ingredient

** Ecocert or COSMOS approved ingredient

*** Appear in a natural way in essential oil

Read more about natural ingredients

This jar can be recycled with plastic.

PS plastic (Recycle number 06), which is suitable for recycling after use. Our plastic is always 100% BPA free