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  • Essential oil blend Breathe Easy! 5 ml - Misomada- Belgium
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Essential oil blend Breathe Easy! 5 ml

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Natural remedy for flu, runny nose and cough. A blend of rich, carefully selected organic essential oils mainly for respiratory health. Essential oils of tea tree, eucalyptus globulus, peppermint, thyme, lavender and rosemary traditionally have long been used to relieve cold and cough symptoms. The blend Breathe Easy! has a strong antibacterial effect, stimulates immune system, opens congested nose and cleanses the respiratory tract. This blend is surely �must have� during the cold season.
Attention! Due to high amount of menthol in the blend Breath easy!, do not use for children under 3 years of age, pregnant women, people with asthma and epilepsy!
How to use:
� When having a runny nose, cold or cough diffuse the blend Breathe Easy! in electric essential oil diffuser. Essential oils will purify the air, will make breathing easier and will stop the spread of infection indoors. Add 6 to 8 drops to diffuser during the day, at night 3 to 4 drops. Have in mind that intensive scents can disturb a peaceful sleep.
� If you do not have an electric diffuser, you can easily make a spray out of it! In a dark glass bottle add 100ml of water and 40 to 50 drops of Breathe Easy! essential oil blend, screw on the nozzle, vigorously shake the bottle, and spray as needed! Remember, essential oils are insoluble in water, so shake each time before using the spray!
� In case of nasal congestion, add ONE DROP of the blend Breathe Easy! on your warm palms, rub and inhale for a few minutes. This type of procedure is NOT suitable for pregnant women, small children and people with sensitive respiratory system!
� First aid after catching a flu: rub the feet soles with PURE, undiluted blend Breathe Easy!. It will take few minutes for the essential oils to get into the body and stimulate immune system and help to recover faster. We recommend repeating the procedure 2 to 3 times a day.
� Sore throat or discomfort after a dental procedure can be relieved with a natural mouthwash/rinse: add 3 to 5 drops of Breathe Easy! essential oil blend to a teaspoon of table salt, and pour it to a glass of warm water, mix well and rinse several times a day. The procedure is suitable for adults and older children who can consciously rinse and spit out.
� Prepare your own cough remedy: add 8 drops of the blend Breathe Easy! to 20ml of sweet almond oil. Rub the neck, chest and back several times a day. This procedure cleanses opens and warms the airway system, helps with expectoration. NOT suitable for asthmatics and pregnant women!
� During epidemics and cold season, for prevention of flu�s and colds, before going outside, apply drop of the blend on outer layer of clothing (shoulder line), or a scarf. Essential oils will evaporate using the body heat and will protect from foreign bacteria and viruses. Use the same procedure during spring and summer to repel mosquitos and ticks!
� Breathe Easy! is ideal to use in sauna! Pour warm/hot water (60 to 70 Celsius degrees) to a tin or a heat resistant bowl and add 20 to 30 drops of this essential oil blend and place it in the warmest corner of sauna.
� Aromatherapy bath with the blend Breathe Easy! will pleasantly warm up, will open the airways and will congest nose and will improve expectoration, so when having a flu (but not fever) definitely have of bath! Note that essential oils are insoluble in water and you must dilute them prior dropping into the bath. To a teaspoon of salt or � glass of milk add the required number of drops of essential oil. Breathe Easy! essential oils blend�s drops by age:
3 to 7 year old children 3 to 6 drops
7 to 14 year old children 5 to 8 drops
12+ teenagers and adults 6 to 10 drops
The recipe was created by Giedre Velickiene, clinician, aromatherapist and loving mother. Made in a fragrant arom�ma laboratory in Lithuania. Every single bottle is touched by our beautiful Goddesses� hands.

For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children!