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Misomada- Belgium

Mermaid Makeup Brush

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€17,18 EUR

1. Made of Good quality plastic hair.

2.Feel Soft, Smooth and Thick.Compatible for foundation, concealer, cream, blush,eyeliner eyeshadow and lip.

3. The ferrule is made of aluminium or copper, strong and luxurious.

4. The handle is made of marble, resin, wood or recycled plastic. which is durable, environmental-friendly,also popular.

5. The best gift for your friend or just for yourself.

6. The color,size,logo and package can be customized as your requirements.

Foundation Brush:Apply to Foundation to the center of your face and sweep outward toward your hairline for a seamless finish.

Kabuki Brush:Sweep bronser along your temple and your hairline.Cheekbone and Jawline in a "3" Sape.

Powder Brush:Dust the bristles across your face to evenly diffuse loose powders for less concentrated colore that won't smudge your foundation.

Angled Blush Brush:Swirl the bristles with blush on the apples of your cheeks.And then hold it at an angle and glide it along your cheekbones.

Concealer Brush:Pat Concealer on under-eye circles and blemishes.Use the rounded edge to reach nooks around your eyes and nose.

All-Over Eye Shadow Brush:Smoot eye Shadow Across your eyelids in a windshield-wiper motion for intense color.

Blending Brush:Hold the tip pf the handle and swirl in circular motions in your eye crease for a soft.

Smudge Brush:Line your lashes wit kohl liner.Then lightly sweep the brush from side to side over your liner for a smoky.

Angled Eyeliner Brush:Dip in cream or gel liner or shadow.Hold the brush at an angled so the bristles are flush with your lash line.And drag from the inside corner of your eye along the lash line.

Fan Brush:Brush fallen eye shadow from under your eyes,or stroke your face with powder.Higlighter,bronzer,and blush for precise yet sheer application.