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Set UOMO Face care for men - FACE CREAM Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin B5

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FACE CREAM Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin B5

A pleasure to apply and immediately absorbable, this treatment flattens out existing wrinkles and prevents future signs, guaranteeing daily protection against external aggressions and free radicals. Instantly tones, relaxes and revitalises the male face.
Non-greasy, non-sticky, rapid absorption.

Ginkgo Biloba & Pantenol
A mousse based on surfactants of vegetable origin that cleans the body and hair with extreme delicacy, brings relief from muscular tension and helps the male body rediscover its freshness and hydration.

Shea Butter & Ginkgo Biloba
Following the traditional craftsmanship, this vegetable soap, enriched with pure Shea Butter and Ginkgo Biloba, source of
vitamins and antioxidants, has an intense regenerating and emollient action, ideal for a delicate cleansing of face and body.
97% Ingredients of natural origin.