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Sweet Almond Oil - Elasticizing

Elasticizing, nourishing and softening properties.
Pure almond oil acts deeply with extraordinary effectiveness to firm and elasticize the skin. It immediately regains tone and compactness.
Ideal for preventing stretch marks.
During the shower apply it on the wet skin and massage.
Rinse to eliminate the exceeding oil, then dry to get a velvety touch.

Sweet Almond Oil - Body Cream
Elasticizing - Moisturizing
Natural body cream with sweet Almond Oil, rich in moisturizing, elasticizing and firming properties.
The combined action of the Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Omega 3-6 and Vitamin E, makes this cream ideal for use on dry and dehydrated skin.
Perfect to prevent stretch marks.

Sweet Almond Oil - SHOWER GEL
An incredibly delicate mousse based exclusively on surfactants of vegetable origin. Leaves the skin deeply moisturized and nourished thanks to the organic Aloe Vera juice, rich in mineral salts, while the Sweet Almond Oil plays the important action
to make the skin more elastic and restored